Everest Architecture

Shokufe Villa

Shokufeh Villa embodies a harmonious interplay of spaces, materials, and emotions, brought to fruition through architectural finesse. Here, living transcends mere existence; it unfolds as a choreographed dance, where spaces serve as the canvas for daily life’s myriad moments, shaping individual experiences and sentiments.

In the realm of Shokufeh Villa, architecture extends beyond the mere provision of physical structures; it cultivates connections and fosters interpersonal bonds. Interior design, therefore, becomes a conduit for the seamless flow of life’s rhythms, effortlessly transitioning from hosting guests to facilitating family routines. Take, for instance, the kitchen, meticulously designed to serve as the heart of familial gatherings, or the living room, meticulously crafted to nurture familial ties while providing practical amenities.

Moreover, lighting and construction materials assume pivotal roles in shaping the essence of Shokufeh Villa. Thoughtfully orchestrated lighting schemes can alter atmospheres and redefine spaces, while the incorporation of natural elements and optimal temperatures ensures a sense of comfort and serenity within the home.

In essence, villa living emerges as an architectural masterpiece, attuned to individual needs and preferences, fostering environments conducive to human connections and elevating the quality of life. This art form, much like life itself, evolves continuously, perpetually refining and enriching the human experience.

project location :Khorasan Razavi,Mashhad,Torghabe

Principal architects:Ali arbab & Amirhosein rafatnia

Project architect: Mohamad nabavi
Cg artist: Mostafa jafari
BimModeler:Reza bakhtiari
Diagram: Parnian komeili
Director: Hojat damghani