Everest Architecture
Platinum Clinic

Platinum Clinic represents a unique masterpiece of architecture, where modern architectural artistry intertwines with the essence of care and healing. This astounding building is conceptualized around the notion of openness and connectivity, fostering a sense of security and inner peace for anyone who steps inside.

Platinum Clinic boasts distinctive features that elevate it to an exceptional architectural center. Its modern and luxurious design is crafted with simplicity and elegance, incorporating a unique blend of high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

One of the standout features of this building is its exceptional attention to the patient and their comfort. Every aspect of Platinum Clinic is meticulously designed to provide the best conditions for patients, offering medical and therapeutic services with the latest technologies and equipment.

Platinum Clinic is not just a medical facility; it is a convergence point of science and art, where a specialized team is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for patients, making it a preferred destination for treatment and care.

In summary, Platinum Clinic embodies the modern spirit of healthcare, blending architectural innovation and comprehensive treatment to provide a unique and satisfying experience for everyone who encounters it.

project location : Khorasan Razavi,Mashhad,bahar st
Principal architects: Ali arbab & Amirhosein rafatnia
Project architect: Mohamadnabavi
3D Visualization: Hossein Nazaryaft Tousi 
Bim Modeler: Reza bakhtiari 
detail Modeler: Milad Tehrani
Interior Design : Moustafa Jafari