Everest Architecture
Hayat Residence complex

Hayat Residence complex​ is an architectural masterpiece sprawling over a vast area of land, making it an ideal place for living and enjoying life. The complex features a design that harmonizes the natural beauty of gardens and green spaces with modern residential structures and urban facilities. Careful planning has been put into creating a comfortable and peaceful environment for residents, while providing all the necessary comforts and amenities for daily life.

Hayat Residence complex​offers a diverse range of housing units, ranging from luxurious apartments to spacious villas, catering to the varied needs of families and individuals. Additionally, the complex includes shared facilities such as swimming pools, fitness clubs, children’s play areas, walking and biking paths, as well as areas for barbecues and social gatherings.

In addition to its residential aspects, the Residential Garden Complex boasts attractive architectural designs that blend modern style with local traditions, adding a unique charm to the complex. Every aspect of the complex is directed towards creating a cohesive community where residents live happily and comfortably, feeling a sense of belonging to a vibrant and lively environment.

In summary,Hayat Residence complex​ is an ideal haven for living, combining breathtaking natural scenery with comfortable urban life through meticulous architectural design and comprehensive facilities.


project location : Khorasan Razavi,Mashhad,Sajjad , Milad  

Principal architects: Ali arbab & Amirhosein rafatnia
Project architect: Mohamadnabavi & Saeed Goli & Ali Sagheloifar 
3D Visualizations: Hossein Nazaryaft Tuosi 
interior design : Amir sajjadi