Everest Architecture
Elahiyeh Residential Complex

Elahiyeh Residential Building: A Testament to Beauty and Serenity

The Elahiyeh residential building stands as an exceptional example of architectural artistry that captivates the hearts with its stunning design. Known as the “handcrafted dome,” it mesmerizes everyone with its beauty and tangibility.

Upon seeing the Elahiyeh building, one feels embarked on a journey of beauty and tranquility. Its breathtaking design, characterized by unique domes and artisanal craftsmanship, catches the eye, as if each curtain has a special story to tell.

Every aspect of the Elahiyeh building is tangible, immersing in the beauties of residential life. From the calming lighting to the use of natural materials, everything is intelligently and artistically employed to provide comfort and serenity for the residents.

In essence, the Elahiyeh residential building, with its beautiful and tangible designs, is a symbol of beauty and tranquility that will always remain in memory.

project location : Khorasan Razavi,Mashhad,Elahiyeh
Principal architects: ali arbab & amirhosein rafatnia
Project architect: mohamadnabavi