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Armid Beauty Clinic project

Project details

1399 Year of Design
Under Construction Condition
Under Construction Year of construction
Interior / office Design Type of Project
Mashhad / Sajjad Boulevard Location
Dr. Abachi Employer
220 square meters Area
Ali Arbab, Amir Bandarian, Rasoul Farokhi Design Team
Project Animation

Designing a dental clinic to provide a variety of medical services, including surgery, orthodontics, implants, restorations and cosmetics requires specific design principles and criteria that should be considered in the design process. In general, a treatment environment requires a functional and relaxing environment. The design process of a specialized dental clinic includes the observance of design principles in specialized cases such as: dimensions, composition, circulation, color, light, decoration and especially spatial communication.

The process of designing a medical center is summarized by focusing on the topic of oral and spatial communication. The unit is the main tool of a dentist who obsessively needs maintenance. The design and placement of admissions as the core of a specialized dental clinic should be central to other areas. The design of storage cupboards for doctors' equipment and necessary medicines, the location of units, mechanical and electrical installation equipment for the proper operation of dental equipment has very strict rules and executive techniques.

During a variety of small and large operations in the clinic, the design of the ceiling and its color are important. Generally in a dental clinic, the patient spends most of his time on the dental unit and the format of the unit is such that the patient is staring at the ceiling of the office. Other important factors in the design of the clinic include: walls, avoiding heavy costs, designing an open concept plan, proper design of central counters between two units or two workspaces (to facilitate the movement of doctors and reduce the cost of building additional cabinets) and monitoring The space is correct.

Each of the above has specific design principles and criteria that lead to the improvement of a treatment space.